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Limited Edition Fine Art Prints from the collection A Show Of Hands.

A project spanning twenty years during which Tim Booth photographed hands from all walks of life and myriad professions. Shot entirely in natural light wherever the hands happened to be, these evocative portraits reflect not just the lives these people have led but how magical and remarkable the human is. The complete collection is available in the book A Show Of Hands available here.

To order prints from the series A Show Of Hands that are not listed here, please contact us.

For what is a hand but…


to touch, to feel, to hold, to draw,

to wash, to cook, to scratch and claw,


to stitch, to sew, to heal, to dress,

to carve, to show, to harm, to press,


to paint, to sculpt, to eat, to make,

to catch, to hit, to mould, to shake,


to clasp, to play, to sign, to flick,

to scold, to pray, to fold, to click,


design, conduct, to pluck, to press,

to play, to feel, to stroke, caress


protect and shield, to strike, to drum,

to wring, to wield, to fold, to strum,


to mend, to mould, to shape, to squeeze

for what is a hand but to do all these.

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